Munchkin Corp. Pledges $300,000 Matching Donation

Munchkin, the company that’s beloved by parents for its unique products for babies and children, has pledged a $300,000 matching donation to The Whale Sanctuary Project.

Last year, Munchkin donated $200,00 to begin the search for a suitable location for a seaside sanctuary where retired whales can live in an environment that’s as close as possible to life in the wild.

This week, the company’s second donation comes in the form of a matching grant. CEO Steven Dunn says he wants to encourage as many people as possible to join this pioneering effort to create the first-ever coastal sanctuary for whales and dolphins who are retired from captivity.

“We’re delighted and very grateful to have the help of Munchkin,” said Lori Marino, President of The Whale Sanctuary Project. “Now it’s time for all of us who want to see these magnificent animals free from life in a concrete tank to help match this generous donation.”

Please join this effort today. Your donation, large or small, will be worth twice as much to The Whale Sanctuary Project.

In a video published in People magazine online, Dunn talks about having once had an MRI and realizing that being confined in the very small, noisy space of the scanner must be similar to what orcas at marine parks experience for their entire lives.

“On the way back to the office,” he says, “it really dawned on me that this is how orcas must feel in captivity in these concrete tanks.”

Dunn says his company is prepared to donate a million dollars, over time, toward the completion of the first seaside sanctuary. He says his dream is for Tilikum, who passed away earlier this year at SeaWorld Orlando, to be the last whale to die in captivity at a SeaWorld marine park.

It’s a dream we all share. And with your help, the dream can become a reality. Right now, we’re completing our survey of hundreds of possible coves, bays and other coastal locations in the United States and Canada. And later this year, as soon we have secured the site, we will begin creating the sanctuary.

Thank you for making it possible, and please go here to make your donation.

4 Comments On “Munchkin Corp. Pledges $300,000 Matching Donation”

  1. Thank you so much,and God bless you for the work you are doing to help make a sanctuary for captive orca’s,dolphins,and other cetaceans. These precious animals need to know what it is like to live in the ocean ,where they belong. Thank you!

  2. What an amazing kind thing to do !!! I ordered the sweatshirt !

  3. It’s a great concept. What is the gift designated to? Is it still going toward finding a site? How much does the org estimate finding a site and getting it approved will cost?

    • The matching grant is to help secure the site and to start creating the sanctuary. So far, we’ve conducted desk-top studies of over 100 sites and have identified 20 priority sites on which we will do field research this spring/summer, with the objective to narrow the list to 3 sites for final analysis. Costs will vary considerably depending on the site location and the extent of environmental studies we need to do. Legal and permitting costs will range from $150,000 – $200,000. And we can’t estimate land acquisition costs until we have a specific site.

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