Fourth Graders Share Love of Orcas

As part of Orca Awareness Month, five students from Norton Elementary School in Chicago sent this video postcard to our friend Steven Dunn, CEO of Munchkin, Inc., our major sponsor.

Munchkin has offered the Whale Sanctuary Project a $300,000 challenge grant so we can complete our goal of selecting a site for the sanctuary by the end of this year.

In their video, the students write:

How would you feel if you were pulled away from your family just to entertain others?

You glance at the orcas, belugas and dolphins swimming in their tanks, unhappy like slaves.

They are forced to perform for food. How would you like to do a cartwheel for a hamburger?

SeaWorld is shallow. I also hope that Tilikum is the last animal to die at SeaWorld.

Thank you to Alivia, Deetya, Zahra, Elijah and teacher Rachel of Norton Creek Elementary.

Please help save the whales by giving to the Whale Sanctuary Project.


A big thanks to all of you at Norton Creek Elementary from all of us at the Whale Sanctuary Project!

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  1. When my fourth graders decided to write about why whales should not be kept in captivity, they became very passionate about helping marine mammals. I happened to read an article featuring Steve Dunn and The Whale Sanctuary Project, so my students decided to send thank you letters and their writing to Steve. The Munchkin Company created an amazing video of their work and inspired my students by helping them realize they can make a difference. We are truly grateful for this experience and have all become supporters of the sanctuary project and will continue to show our support in the future!

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