Mission and Goals


To establish a model seaside sanctuary where cetaceans (porpoises, dolphins and whales) can be rehabilitated or can live permanently in an environment that maximizes well-being and autonomy and is as close as possible to their natural habitat.

  1. To assemble a group of experts in the fields of marine mammal science and behavior, veterinary medicine, husbandry, engineering, law and policy, who can lay the groundwork for the creation of permanent cetacean sanctuaries.
  2. To produce a plan that can inform the work of any organizations whose purpose will be to build and manage such sanctuaries and ensure their financial sustainability.
  3. To establish sanctuary site selection criteria and begin the process of identifying suitable locations.
  4. To communicate relevant information about its work, when appropriate, to all stakeholders involved in the field of marine mammal protection, and to the public.
  5. To serve as a repository of objective, scientifically-sound expertise to support the development and implementation of cetacean sanctuary initiatives.
  6. To encourage and inspire other facilities to adopt practices that enhance and optimize the quality of life of individual cetaceans in their care.