Cathy Williamson

Cathy Williamson leads the End Captivity program at Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins, with offices in the UK, Germany, USA, Argentina and Australia. WDC defends these remarkable creatures against the many threats they face, including capture and confinement for the global zoo and aquarium industry.

Cathy represents WDC’s End Captivity program in forums such as CITES and the Convention on Migratory Species, producing comprehensive information resources aimed at a wide range of stakeholders, including detailed reports, meeting briefings, scientific papers, articles, press releases and internet-based materials. She works with members of the public, grassroots activists around the world, civil servants, scientists and representatives of the tourism industry to bring about an end to captures, trade and confinement of whales and dolphins in captivity.

She also manages a partnership with the global attractions company Merlin Entertainment, to explore and develop sanctuaries for captive bottlenose dolphins and belugas.