Elizabeth Oriel

Elizabeth Oriel is a conservation biologist and social scientist, and founder of the Cohabitation Institute, whose mission is to study, describe and educate people about models of positive cohabitation with nonhuman animals.

She works at the intersection of culture and nature, including climate change adaptation planning, animal personhood and animal welfare issues. Her work has focused on enlarging concepts of welfare for other-than-humans, on issues of personhood, and more recently on developing the concept and research enquiry into cohabitation among humans and natural systems. She has studied indications of thriving and wellbeing in harbor seals and has assessed seals and sea lions in captive settings.

Elizabeth holds a BA in Russian Language and Literature from Wesleyan University and a MS in Environmental Science, with a concentration in Conservation Biology from Antioch University New England.

Her writings have appeared in Journal of Evolution and Technology, Commondreams.org, Conservation Matters, and Sanctuary Magazine.