Heather Rally

Dr. Heather Rally is a wildlife veterinarian with specific training in marine mammal medicine. She has worked with a number of marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation clinics along the California coast, including The Marine Mammal Center and the Fort MacArthur Marine Mammal Care Center.

She has conducted wild cetacean research, including investigations into the recurring high mortality of southern right whale calves in Argentina and assisting with bottlenose dolphin health assessments in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon.

Over the past seven years, Heather has worked alongside the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) to document and expose environmental crimes and animal welfare violations on multiple continents. Through undercover investigations and documentary film, she has helped expose and put an end the illegal sale of endangered species and brought global attention to the exponential rate of extinction happening on the planet today through her involvement in OPS’s award-winning documentary film, Racing Extinction.

Heather is currently working as a veterinarian with the Captive Animal Law Enforcement Department of the PETA Foundation where she reviews, advises, and intervenes in cases involving the abuse and neglect of captive exotic wildlife. She travels around the country to assess potential cruelty cases, develop and secure improvements in care, and assist in rescuing and relocating animals to forever homes at reputable sanctuaries. And she uses every creative avenue possible to help educate the public, improve animal lives, and alleviate the suffering caused by captivity.