Steve Huxter

Steve Huxter lives in the west coast city of Victoria, on Vancouver Island, Canada, located in the midst of the Salish Sea; home to the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales. Steve spent eight years as head of the animal care and training division at Sealand of the Pacific and oversaw the operations of the Victoria Marine Animal Rescue Centre.

Following the closure of Sealand of the Pacific, Steve walked away from the marine mammal training industry. In 2003, after a ten-year hiatus from working with animals, he returned to his first calling and formed Transform, Animal Behaviour Solutions; specializing in problematic and severe behavioural issues with companion animals.

Motivated by what he learned during his experience as a participant in the documentary film, Blackfish, in 2013 Steve closed his business of ten years, to become a full time writer and advocate for animal welfare and rights, as well as, environmental issues that affect the world’s oceans.